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Oxy 3 Speed Fuse

Oxy Heli now offers the Oxy3 Speed Fuselage. This upgrade is for Oxy 3 Stretch 285mm main blade. ...

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Oxy 3 Speed Fuse

Oxy Heli now offers the Oxy3 Speed Fuselage. Thi...

Scorpion HKIII-4025-1100KV

The Scorpion HKIII-4025 Series Motor is de...

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Oxy 3 Speed Fuse

Oxy 3 Speed Fuse

Brand: Oxy Heli

Retail Price: $99.50

Oxy 3 Speed Fuse Oxy 3 Speed Fuse Oxy 3 Speed Fuse Oxy 3 Speed Fuse

Oxy Heli now offers the Oxy3 Speed Fuselage.

This upgrade is for Oxy 3 Stretch 285mm main blade.

1 x Oxy3 Stretch Speed Canopy Set , color Green.

Thanks to the great team at Oxy Heli, we received one of the Green Speed Fuselage sets to throw on the Oxy 3 we has recently received.

Everything was packaged within a plain white box, with a celephane window to see the well packaged contents. Within, there was a slick painted full fuselage that is split into 2 pieces. 1 tail boom cover and a full wrap around canopy, both wrapped neatly in protective foam. At first glance, the paint job is really nice, but when looking closely, there is no clear coat giving it that high gloss finish. We asked about this and the answer given was because it's a speed fuselage and adding clear would add to the weight, fair enough.

Also contained was a parts bag that included several other bags with additional parts to complete the speed fuselage installation. When inspecting some of the installation parts, it is visable that they are 3d printed, but that will be addressed below. One thing that was not included was any installation manual, but we know that Oxy has all their manuals available directly on their website, so this was sort of expected. The speed fuselage installation manual can be located here.

As with any type of building, it's always good to go over the build / instruction manual prior to any building or installing.

One thing to keep in mind with the Oxy 3 speed fuselage is that it does require that the standard Oxy 3 kit be stretched to the 285 size. This requires a new boom, belt, tail control rod, tail blades and of course the 285mm blades. All these parts can be purchased seperately or Oxy offers a stretch kit, either way, it is required in order to use the speed fuselage.

The manual for installation isn't quite as outlined as the original build manual, whereas it outlines the bag number to use, but it is detailed enough to ensure proper installation of all the necessary parts.

The steps were fairly simple, replace the skid set to the new set. The brackets were 3d printed and one minor issue is that the screw holes didn't quite line up perfectly, but getting all the screws partially threaded in before snugging them down made it much easier. Next, the canopy posts were removed and replaced with smaller stand off types that seemed to be for holding the canopy away from electronics and/or main gear, followed by the removal of the carbon braces for the tail boom box, to be replaced by different braces (not installed at this point) and the new magnetic canopy latches. These too were 3d printed, but these holes lined up great with no issues. From there the tail assembly was removed to allow for the boom cover to be installed long with another brace that goes over the boom and the boom cover bolts to in order to keep it aligned properly. Once installed, then the new style braces and screws can be added on the boom box side as these secore the boom cover to the frame and the tail assembly can be re-assembled and installed. Of course after all this was done, it was necessary to make sure belt tension was set as well.

What was pretty neat is that the kit came with some adhesive backed foam tape for adding to the boom cover on the area where the front canopy overlays to prevent any direct rubbing that would result in paint scratching off. At least this was an assumption because it's not mentioned in the speed fuse manual, but some common sense kicked in on what it was user for, lol.

Once everything is installed, the front canopy simply slides on and is secured by the magnetic canopy latches there were installed and the canopy itself already has the magnets installed from the factory so no need to mess with that. The magnetic latches are pretty dang strong too, so it didn't seem to be a worry about it coming off in flight. The paint scheme lines lined up and looked really good and could have looked even better with even a light clear coat to give it that shiny look.

Before doing any flight testing, it was noticed that ready to fly, the tail was a bit heavy, so cg was a little bit off. It wasn't quite easy to balance out because space under the canopy is limited and not much room to move a battery around, but got as close as possible by playing with a couple different battery sizes and got it pretty darn close.

Seeing since nothing mechanical was messed with, didn't seem necessary to make any changes to any settings on the helicopter and just go fly, so that's what happened, lol.

Performance was pretty good, no real major issues with flight or blade tracking and even better, not only is the speed fuselage just for speed runs, but the oxy 3 with the speed fuselage installed was fully capable of 3d flying as well. Any minor issues was simply tuned out with flybarless settings and this was due to the additional weight of the full fuselage.

So, is a full fuselage required for an Oxy 3 if you're gonna be running speed runs? No, absolutely not, but it sure does look cool flying across the field as well as being tossed around in front of you. Heck, it even looks awesome just sitting on the shelf.

The design is sleek and well thought out. Yeah some of the parts were 3d printed and had a minor alignment issue, but parts of this hobby is tinkering and figuring things out, so simply taking the extra time to install any of the parts that had misaligned holes was no big deal. Honestly, 3d printed parts seem like a wonderful idea seeing as the demand of the speed fuselage may not meet criteria for machining injection molds, but who knows, that may change in the future or it may not.

The only thing that could be said as being a downfall was that the canopy and boom cover didn't have the glossy, mirror like shine like the standard Oxy 3 canopy has.

In conclusion, if you've got an Oxy 3 and wanna try out the speed fuselage, give it a shot!!!

Check them out for yourself at or your favorite hobby shop...

First Impression: 4 Stars
Installation/Setup: 4 Stars
Performance: 5 Stars
Price: 4 Stars

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